Thailand Elite Visa For Foreigners

The Thailand Elite Visa is a privilege entry visa program that provides visitors with a long-term visa to Thailand. It is run by Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ministry of Tourism and Sport. The Elite Visa is valid for up to five years.

Thai Elite Visa Benefits

Thailand’s Elite Visa program is designed to attract high-earning foreigners to the country. This program grants visa holders access to Thailand for a specified number of entries and a lifetime right to live in the country. Its benefits include free annual health checks, discounts at various establishments, and the opportunity to invest in stocks, condominium units, and cars. Thai Elite Visa members are also entitled to tax exemptions on income earned outside Thailand.

Aside from allowing residents to own condominiums in their own name, Thai Elite Visa holders can also secure long-term land leases up to 30 years. In addition, they can obtain a construction permit to build a home in their own name, securing a long-term lease on the land.

Thai Elite Visa Qualifications

Whether you’re interested in running your own overseas business or wanting to own property, the Thai Elite Visa can help you achieve your goals. With the Elite Visa, you’ll have the flexibility to come and go, without having to worry about paying taxes or getting a work permit. And because you’ll have a Thailand Elite Card, you’ll be able to take advantage of cool services that can help you enjoy your stay in the country.

In order to qualify for a Thailand Elite Visa, you’ll need to meet certain requirements. For example, you’ll need a valid passport with at least three blank pages. You also need to have no overstays in the past three years and be at least 20 years old. Additionally, you’ll need to provide proof of employment, including proof of salary and length of service. You’ll also need to submit documents confirming your income from the past three years.

Thai Elite Visa Cost

Thai Elite Visa Cost is a relatively low fee compared to other visa programs, and there are several benefits to membership. Membership comes with a dedicated elite personal assistant, access to a lounge, and more. Plus, members get access to a 24-hour member contact center, which operates in several languages.

Thailand Elite Visa is available for a membership fee from THB 600,000 to THB 2,000,000 (VAT included), payable within three months after approval of the visa. However, once the membership is activated, the applicant must pay the membership fee. The membership fee covers both the Thai Elite Visa and membership in the Elite Ultimate Privilege program.

Thailand’s elite visa program has seen record numbers of new memberships this year. Its popularity is due to the country’s coronavirus-free reputation and the low cost of a five-year residency permit. The elite visa program is run by the Thailand Privilege Card.

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