Property Options in Ubon

Property Options in UbonIf you are getting married in Issaan and are looking at living in Ubon or Issan you need to understand your property options in Thailand. Speak to a lawyer first before signing any property agreements. If you have ever been to Isaan or Ubon you will know that there are no highrise apartments like you would have in Bangkok. The options that are available to you become very limited.

These are the options available to you if you decide to live in Ubon. When many expats get married they tend to buy a ‘house in the village’ and this is usually in Isaan. Ubon is a large town compared to many however as stated the options are few. Buying a house in the village does have its risks. Firstly you are not allowed to own land in Thailand as a foreigner unless you have invest a few million Baht with the government and have permission from the Minister of the Interior. Most do not go through all that trouble and simply place the house or villa in the name of their new wife. When the house is registered you would have to go with your wife to the Land Department and sign a document stating that you have no financial interest in the property. If you get divorced this creates a problem. What occurs most times is that the entire in-law family moves in and conflicts occur. Since you don’t own the house you are going to have very little say in how things get done. Yes, I know — your wife is different. If I got a dollar for each time I heard that I would be a very wealthy man. If you do go this route ensure that you get a lawyer to register a usufruct over the property as this in the event of a divorce will give you leverage. The usufruct you would be able to use as leverage if things go South.

There are not many condo units in Isaan and many that are there are mainly for Thai’s. They tend to be very small and basic and most expats do not live in them and prefer a house. The other option you have with regards to property is to either lease a property long term or take an option of a usufruct. Long term lease agreements being those longer than 3 years has to be registered with the Land Department as it goes against the title of the property. This is the best option in the view of the writer.

Before you decide what to do ensure that you have spoken to a property lawyer in Ubon or better yet speak to any of our lawyers in any of our offices in Thailand. With offices in Bangkok, Phuket, Hua Hin, Samui, Chiang Mai and Pattaya we are best able to serve your needs. See our main website for more details and speak to us online or via our toll-free US or UK telephone numbers.

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