Marriage Registration in Thailand

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about getting married in Thailand. Many embassy websites state that you can walk into any Amphur or Khet and register your marriage.

This is untrue. The process must be done properly and all documents verified. Once everything is ready the couple will go to their local district office, called an Amphur or Khet.

Documents Required

For a marriage to be legally binding it must first be registered at the local district office (also called an ‘amphur’ or ‘khet’). This is the final step that makes your marriage legally recognised in Thailand, as well as in your home country.

Unless you are a Thai citizen, you will need to present a letter of affirmation from your embassy in Bangkok stating that you and your partner are free to marry according to your own country’s laws. This affidavit must feature notarization from your embassy and a certified translation into Thai.

If either party has been previously married, the original and a translated copy of the divorce decree or death certificate must also be presented. All of the above documents need to be taken to a translation office and authenticated by a consular official from your embassy, which typically takes two days. Once this is complete, the authenticated documents and passports can be taken to your local district office for registration.


The couple should bring the translated declarations together with copies of their passports to the Legalization Division of the Consular Affairs Department where they will be authenticated. This normally takes 2 days.

Document #1 – The affirmation of freedom to marry (each embassy has their own form but generally this will require a signature in front of a consular official). Then it needs to be translated into Thai and this also needs to be LEGALIZED by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok.

Once this is done you can then go to any district office called an Amphoe or Khet in Thailand and register the marriage. The couple should take the authenticated documents along with copies of their passports to the registrar who will then issue a certificate that is valid worldwide. However it is important to note that this only complies with Thai law and does not guarantee recognition in your home country. This may still be necessary to obtain a visa.


A legally registered marriage in Thailand is recognized throughout the world. It is possible for people of any nationality to get married in the country provided all the requirements are met.

After the couple has gathered and verified all the necessary documents, they need to bring them to their local district office, known as an ‘amphur’ or ‘khet’ in Thai. Here, the registrar will register the marriage and give each party a copy of their marriage certificate.

In the case of foreign couples, they should have their documents translated by a reputable translation service before taking them to the embassy for legalization. They may also need to prove that they are single and not previously married. It is also advisable that the couple makes arrangements to secure their assets before getting married by drafting a prenuptial agreement. This will protect them from potential disputes over assets. In addition, the couple should check with their respective embassies about whether or not they require a visa for their spouse to return home after the wedding ceremony.


Marriage registration in Thailand can be very easy and simple if the couple have all the required documents in hand. It is best to seek a professional Thai law firm to assist with this. It is not advisable to try and complete this process yourself as there are so many rules, regulations and exceptions that can easily fall through the cracks.

It is a good idea to get the Affirmation of Freedom to Marry and passports verified prior to arrival in Bangkok for convenience. This is often done by the Embassy of the couple’s country. This makes sure the affidavit is correct before the Registrar in Thailand checks it.

Once all the paperwork is in order the couple can then file for their marriage at the local District Office known as ‘Amphur’ or Khet. This will give them a legal wedding which is valid throughout the world. If they want to live here then the woman can apply for her visa which is extendable to 12 months provided that she meets the financial requirements of the visa.

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