Getting Married in Ubon

Getting Married in UbonIf you are considering getting married in Thailand then more likely than not you will be getting married to someone who lives or who has parents in the South Eastern region of Thailand. Ubon is one of these large towns. Most people do not live in Ubon however they do get married there. Safe to say that it is estimated that most marriages in the village takes place in the rural areas of Thailand. Many expats who have married one would guess that at least 90% of them have married in Isaan or Ubon in Thailand.

As Ubon has no UK or US embassy the marriage registration for a foreigner in Ubon starts in Bangkok. Pattaya has a US Embassy office however that is the only country which has a branch office for consular services in Thailand.

Once you have married and held your wedding in Ubon or Isaan you would have to come to Bangkok to complete the process. Your first visit to Bangkok would be a visit to your embassy. In order to register your marriage in Thailand you need to be able to show that you are able to marry. This means you have to be single. At the embassy they will require a divorce certificate from you if you are divorced or a death certificate of your wife if you wife had passed away. Once you have these you need to complete a form and return to the embassy the next day. They will now give you a letter stating that you are allowed to get married. This letter is called a letter of affirmation. Once you have this letter it needs to be certified by the Thai government in order to prevent fraud. This has to be done at the Thai Department of Foreign Affairs in Laksi. This usually takes a few hours to complete as they need to view your letter from the embassy and check if it is authentic. If it is they will place a small stamp on the back of the letter to show that it has been verified.

Now that you have all the paperwork you need to go to a District Office and this is where you hand them all your documents and they will issue you with a marriage certificate. The Thai marriage registration process is time-consuming and will take at least 3 days in Bangkok to complete if you are living outside of Bangkok. Most people hand the documents to a lawyer in Ubon or Issan to complete it for them. The other option is to drop off all your documents at any of our offices in Thailand and allow our attorneys and legal staff to do all the red tape for you while you enjoy your honeymoon. What could be better?

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