Getting Divorced in Isaan

 Getting Divorced in Isaan Divorce happens to the best of us. The only difference is how we manage the process of getting divorced in Thailand especially in an area such as Isaan where English is limited. This is normally where you hire a lawyer in Isaan. Getting divorced in Ubon might not be what you would have expected however this does happen. The failure rate of mix marriages in Isaan is very high and above the Thai standard divorce rates.

Currently as of 2009 Thailand has seen a surge in divorce rates and in family violence. Now considering the divorce rate in Thailand then picture the divorce rate amongst mix marriages.This is from the Thai daily newspaper:

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Social Development and Human Security, Mr. Paiboon Wattanasiritham (ไพบูลย์ วัฒนศิริธรรม), revealed that latest information from the Department of Provincial Administration, Ministry of Interior, indicates that in the last 10 years, Thailand’s divorce rate has increased from 10 percent in 1994 to 26 percent in 2006. 89,153 married couples filed for divorce last year.

The Deputy Prime Minister reports that domestic violence is also increasing, with 14,000 women and children having been physically abused. Close relatives or family members are responsible for up to 40 percent of physical violence. Mr. Paiboon encouraged family members to engage in group activities in order to peacefully resolve disputes and strengthen family relations.

Most divorces in Thailand tends to be an administrative divorce. In other words you and your wife have agreed in writing as to who gets what. This is rather simple. You go down to the district office and you file for a divorce and had in your written agreement. Less than an hour later you are divorced. The problem comes in where one party does not agree. This is when it has to go to court. The wheels of justice in Thailand turns slow and it can be costly.

If you are looking at getting a divorce in Thailand then speak to one of our lawyers in Thailand about the divorce procedures in Thailand and what the costs would be in this regards. There is of course no point in spending 100,000 Baht in legal fees when you are fighting over a 20,000 Baht item. Weight up what you can afford to write off in the interest of costs.

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