Cost of Living in Thailand

 Cost of Living in Thailand If you are wondering what the cost of living is in Thailand then this should make for an interesting read. The cost of living in Isaan is even lower than in Bangkok or Pattaya. Here are the basics of living in Thailand. Many times foreigners wish to know what the cost of living is in Thailand and this is very difficult to give one single answer. What one should look at is what amount of money are you able to spend each month.

If you have an income of USD 1,000 per month then that is what Thailand would cost you each month. Apartments or Condo’s range in prices from the high-end 50,000 Baht a month to the lower 2,000  Baht per month units. What you can afford from your income will determine where it is that you live. Food in Thailand is very cheap. A plate of food at night will on average set you back 30 Baht which is about USD 1 for food. The only foods that are over the average would be dairy products such as cheese as the Thai’s do not eat much dairy products so the market is very small. Ham is also a bit more pricey but again most Thai’s don’t have a Western diet so Ham and Cheese on bread is not going to be a very common occurrence.

Hospital fees are not bad and the cost of going to the dentist is very low. You can have root canal for about 3,000 Baht which is about USD100. This is very low considering what you would have to pay for that at home. Overnight stays in hospitals at a private hospital is also not bad and on the very low-end. A good example of high-end surgery is a heart bypass which would set you back about USD 30,000.

Transportation is cheap in Thailand. There are many options but most expats use the meter taxis. There are however also river boats, very good public buses and a skytrain and underground railway system which is being expanded to cover the entire Bangkok. Living in Isaan is even cheaper. As one expat said he saves alot of money living in Isaan as there is nothing to spend your money on. I think he sums it up well. The cost of living is low and getting around is cheap. What more do you need?

You could live very well in Isaan on USD 1,000 per month as many others are doing it at around those prices. Why can’t you? Want to retire in isaan, then speak to a lawyer in Ubon Thani or simple visit our main website and speak to a lawyer or legal consultant online now. You can also call our toll-free US or UK telephone numbers for more information. Retire in Thailand – you will not regret it!

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