US-Thai Treaty of Amity

Under the Treaty of Amity, American citizens and companies may maintain majority ownership in a Thailand incorporated business. It also exempts them from most restrictions on foreign investment imposed by the Foreign Business Act. The process of obtaining the certificate under US-Thai Treaty of Amity can be divided into three phases. Tila legal can assist […]

Registering a Company Under the Thailand Board of Investment

Registering a company under the Thailand Board of Investment is an important step for foreign companies looking to invest in Thailand. A BOI promoted company is eligible for several tax and non-tax incentives, including complete foreign ownership and permission to own land. Once a company is approved, it must follow the conditions set out in […]

Set Up a Representative Office in Thailand

A Representative Office in Thailand is the easiest way for a foreign company to establish a business presence in the country. However, it must adhere to the rules and regulations set by the Department of Business Development for company registration and reporting. It may conduct non-revenue-generating activities but is not allowed to accept purchasing orders […]

Thai Limited Company Registration

Thai Limited Company Registration. Setting up a company in Thailand is an intricate process that requires you to complete several steps and requirements. First, you need to reserve a name for your company. This takes a few days. You must also conduct a statutory meeting. The memorandum of association should include the company‚Äôs business objectives, […]